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NOTE TO MEMBERS:  If you would like a link to your website listed here or have your profile featured, please send your request or a 1page biography with images to oshawa.art.association@gmail.com. Additions, changes, corrections or updates to the website are only made on fourth week of the month.
Member Profile of the Month Lizy J. Campbell Born and raised in Ontario, Lizy has always had a sense of style and clarity looking beyond the city life. This talented, busy mother of 2 and artist-enterpreneur, does portraiture, kids parties, logo design and illustrations.  She proclaims to eat, breathe and sleep art and it shows. She pushes to the limits and thinking outside the boundaries of art. “Lost in color, lost in paint, lost in me. No one can tell you not to live a dream no one can tell you to put the paint brush on your self-worth down and be someone who reflects only another. Be free, be whom you want to be, most of all be happy.” ​View her full body of work at her website https://lizywhothefunk.blog/