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NOTE TO MEMBERS:  If you would like a link to your website listed here or have your profile featured, please send your request or a 1page biography with images to oshawa.art.association@gmail.com. Additions, changes, corrections or updates to the website are only made on fourth week of the month.
Member Profile of the Month Debra Bannister Born in Cold Lake, Alberta she developed a love of drawing  at a very early age .  Watercolour has recently become her medium of choice.  Debra was a military child and later a member of the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment. With those life experiences, traveling to far away places  and meeting interesting people became her passion. Her love for medical science also won out  as a career, especially  subjects involving chemistry and physics.  It was because of this, that the physics and chemistry of watercolor became of interest to her.   In Spring 2009  she began exhibiting at art fairs and galleries across Ontario. In 2010 she launched her first  solo art show and the next year was awarded 3rd prize at the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival Open Competition for her painting  “Shopping in Havana”.  Awards have also been won at the Buckhorn Art Show Open Competition in 2011, 2014, 2015 and 2017.  In 2016 she completed a year long illustration project for the children's book, FLOOFUS LAND ADVENTURES. The book will be launched May 6 in Peterborough , ON. ​View her full body of work at her website http://www.debrabannisterart.ca/