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Tricia Van Oostveen

Tricia Van Oostveen is an emerging artist, recent graduate from York University and an engaged member in the arts community of Durham region. She is the manager of Gallery 67 and has shown her work in Toronto and the surrounding GTA.

Tricia lives as holistically as possible and integrates her interests in art, her passion for nature and the environment, and the values that she has established through experience and faith.

Her large collection of my work concentrates on exploring the complex relationship between humans and nature. It is a visual journey of the abstracted beauty inspired by microcosms of natural ecological environments compromised by climate change. There is a juxtaposition between the reality of cause and effect in humanity's demise, versus the strength, beauty and resilience of nature.

Her resin work is a collection of playfulness in design with the unpredictably and loss of control. The process is cathartic at this time in her life as she struggles and copes with physical healing. The results are a beautiful collage of complementary colours and shapes producing a lighthearted piece of art, a slice of happiness!

View Tricia's full body of work at her website:


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